Instructing Instruments

Julie Marie Hoey©2022 it is in the wink of a neighbora friend’s concernthat we find itit is liquid, lyrical laughterthe joy of a meal shareda loved one’s armslung around your shoulder it is in a child’s astonishmentat the ways of the worldin the feeling and thenthe...


Julie Marie Hoey©2022 it is mendedthe soul ofmy heart fissuresfracturesscars gauze liftedskin healedover crustedsolidnow withthe abilityto moveforward if onlywe couldstampsomewith awarning label

Together We Part

Julie Marie Hoey©2022 my hands pressedtogetherin desperationagonyagainst my chest slowly I bring themto the groundplace themon the earthburrow as Ipush themapartto placethe seeds a prayerfromyesterdayhope against truth for the...


Julie Marie Hoey©2022 the ball of firehung highas it had yesterdayand yesterdayand yesterdayno foretellingof the futurethe momentsoftortureofsilencemothers and fatherssisters and brothersendureduntil they heardifthere wasa matchfor their dna


Julie Marie Hoey©2022 I see villagesand islandsthose who fishandsailthe seasthe skiesthe unchartedthe heart of the mattermatters of the heartthe heart of their matter