Julie Marie Hoey

it is in the wink of a neighbor
a friend’s concern
that we find it
it is liquid, lyrical laughter
the joy of a meal shared
a loved one’s arm
slung around your shoulder

it is in a child’s astonishment
at the ways of the world
in the feeling and then
the release of sorrow

it is the solace of a forest
the placidity of a pond
a brook babbling
the reason of a river racing
in the direction of the sea;

it is in the birds
announcing their song,
perched in repose on branches
in the fluttering wings
of a hummingbird’s indulgence

it is the weaving
of these tapestries
through others
and the regard of nature
and it’s creatures
that we discover
and hold and clasp love
these uncomplicated
and prevalent instances
that heat our hearts
instructing the instruments
of the music
of our soaring spirits
advancing our souls
toward the sun
favoring light

it is love we discover
each and every day
embracing and
enveloping it