From the Beginning

I vividly remember discovering aqua & pink made lavender at the age of 2 or so. I was squealing with delight. I imagine I shared this epiphany with my mother. She and my whole family then encouraged me to be highly creative. To be an artist. I knew my four siblings were creative & could draw, regardless I was given the label of Artist. How very grateful I am for it. 

 I encourage all people to find their creative side & to explore it. We are all “artists” on some level whether it be music, painting, acting, writing, etc. Go for it! Don’t judge it as good or bad. Your soul does not! It just is. A part of you. One we as a culture do not tend to embrace or foster. What a shame. We as human beings need to feel our spirits rise and complete our souls. Get out of your head and go and create!

A Lifetime of Experience





Julie Marie Hoey O'Keefe Hat